iOS icon provides clearest look yet at iPad Pro with Face ID

There's also word of iPhone eSIM support arriving on October 30th.

You don't have to rely on tiny icons or word-of-mouth leaks to know what the next iPad Pro will look like -- Apple has provided a good clue all on its own. The 9to5Mac team has discovered an iOS icon that shows the 2018 iPad Pro in much clearer detail, including the absence of a home button (and thus the presence of Face ID) and a not-quite-edge-to-edge display. It's unclear if everything is to scale, since Apple occasionally exaggerates icon details for the sake of clarity, but there's little doubt as to what the tablet will look like.

You may see plenty of iPhone carrier news surrounding Apple's October 30th event, for that matter. Sources for 9to5 have said that "several" American and European carriers are expected to offer eSIM support for the iPhone XS and XR the day of the event, with the necessary iOS 12.1 update arriving n the hours after the gathering. You might have an easy way to set up eSIM support at Apple stores, too -- you'll scan a QR code at the shop to automatically fill in account details and activate service. Some carrier apps should also work. If you're with the right provider, it might not take long to set up your iPhone while leaving a SIM slot free for travel or a second line.