Facebook’s Level Up is available for game streamers in 21 countries

Facebook’s Twitch competitor,, still exists.

Facebook is still continuing its assault against Twitch, as the social media giant has expanded its Level Up Program to game streamers around the world, totalling 21 countries. The Level Up Program helps streamers build a community on Facebook. Streamers that are eligible can earn some extra cash through Facebook Stars -- similar to Twitch Bits -- which are virtual goods that fans can purchase to help their favorite streamers. Level Up streamers can also unlock 1080p/60fps streaming quality, customize their dashboard and get early access to beta products and features. And much like Twitch, Facebook has a partner program that can help streamers earn additional funds and have greater reach and visibility.

Facebook's foray into gaming and esports has been middling. It signed a major deal with ESL One, a premiere Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament series, that has so far netted mediocre viewership. Fans and esports insiders blame lack of viewership on Twitch dominance and the poor marketing on Facebook's part. But with so many streaming services now vying for attention, including Microsoft's Mixer and YouTube Gaming, it's going to be difficult for Facebook to carve out its own niche.