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Amazon opens its second '4-star' store in Colorado

A third location will open soon in Berkeley, California.

Amazon isn't wasting too much time in expanding its 4-star brick-and-mortar concept, as it opened a second location in Lone Tree, near Denver, Colorado on Thursday. It follows the first store, which launched in Manhattan in September, and the company will soon open another in Berkeley, California.

The store sells products that Amazon users have rated four stars or higher, ranging from electronics and kitchen goods to homeware and toys. Prime members can claim discounts on some items. The range also includes best-selling products from Amazon, along with trending new items.

The 4-star stores are still in their early stages, though it makes sense that Amazon would want to open up more in time for the holiday season. The company's physical retail footprint is expanding. It also has around 20 bookstores and six cashier-less Amazon Go stores, along with some pop-up kiosks, AmazonFresh Pickup locations and, of course, its 460 Whole Foods grocery stores.