GM is making e-bikes as it expands beyond cars

It wants your help naming the new two-wheel brand.

GM is keenly aware that it can't depend on car sales going forward, and that now includes venturing beyond cars. The company has revealed that it's working on two e-bikes, one compact and one folding, ahead of a launch sometime in 2019. It didn't say much about the machines, but their low-slung designs make it clear that the focus is on efficiency rather than raw performance.

You might have a hand in shaping the launch, though. GM is crowdsourcing a name for its bike brand through a challenge that will award $10,000 for the winning name, and $1,000 each for the nine runners-up. You have until November 26th at 10AM Eastern to submit naming ideas, with winners chosen in early 2019. That sounds like a tiny sum for what could be a defining brand, but think of it this way -- you could leave your mark on GM's future, and possibly transportation at large.