‘World of Warcraft Classic’ demo has a one-hour time limit

Blizzard is also enforcing a 90 minute 'cooldown' period.

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With BlizzCon 2018 kicking off today, attendees and virtual ticket holders will finally get to try out World of Warcraft Classic, a full year after it was first announced. For the uninitiated, that's the massively multiplayer online game in its original form before the expansions altered everything. As part of the launch, Blizzard is laying down some ground rules for those playing at home to cope with high demand, including a 60 minute playtime limit and 90 minute "cooldown" period.

Here's how the session restrictions work: If you play for 30 minutes and then log off for 60 minutes, for example, when you come back you'll have a fresh 60 minutes of play time. Alternatively, if you play for
60 minutes, you'll be disconnected and then have to wait 30 minutes before you can play again. And, if you play for 20 minutes, log off for 20 minutes, then play 40 more minutes, you'll be logged off and wait 10 more minutes before you can jump back on.

Blizzard previously revealed that it would start WoW Classic demo players at level 15 to ensure you get a good feel for each class. Say you choose a Warrior, for instance, the entry level will start you off with Defensive Stance -- while Priests will commence with Psychic Scream and Hunters will have their pet. In addition, all characters will be capped at Level 19, but you can create multiple characters to sample the different classes and races.

Other features include Battle.net chat integration, improved support for widescreen monitors, player reporting options, and post-launch accessibility options such as colorblind mode. "It's important to us that in situations like this we blend the old and the new in such a way that it still looks and feels like the game you remember," Blizzard wrote in an October blog post.

Blizzard gave Blizzcon virtual ticket holders the option to pre-download the WoW Classic demo on October 24th over a 24-hour window. It launches shortly after the Blizzcon opening ceremony comes to a close today and will be playable until 10am PST on November 8th.

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