iHeartRadio's app now supports direct control of Sonos speakers

You don't need to use Sonos' app to play radio or on-demand tunes.

Streaming radio stations just became a bit more intuitive on Sonos speakers. In the wake of similar moves by Pandora, Spotify and Tidal, iHeartRadio's app now offers direct control over your Sonos audio system. You no longer have to fire up the Sonos app to listen to live radio, on-demand tunes and everything in between. And since this is a radio app, you don't need to sign in for freebies like radio, podcasts and playlist-based radio -- you only need it if you're a paying customer who wants access to everything.

As with earlier additions, the allure is simply having more intuitive control over your music. Much like AirPlay 2 support, you can go to the app you want to use rather than having to rely on Sonos' generic (if flexible) interface. And iHeartRadio's implementation is particularly handy -- there haven't been many options like this for conventional radio broadcasts.