Lyft rewards program will offer perks to frequent riders

You might get cushier trips and more experienced drivers.

Lyft thinks it has a simple way to reel people into its service: shower frequent riders with perks. It's launching a Rewards program in December for "select" passengers. The more you travel, the more points you'll get toward bonuses like ride upgrades and more experienced drivers. There will also be double-points days to encourage you to head out.

More people will have access in 2019, Lyft said. It also vowed to listen to rider input and tweak the program.

This isn't Lyft's first rewards effor,t strictly speaking. You can already earn Delta SkyMiles, and workers can use Business Rewards to earn credit for personal trips. This could have a more tangible impact for many people, however. If you're the sort who frequently uses Lyft but can't justify an All-Access plan, this could keep you loyal when you'd otherwise be tempted to try Uber or another competing service.