Razer Phone 2 will be available from AT&T on November 16th

It's the first US carrier deal for the gaming smartphone.

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Nicole Lee/Engadget
Nicole Lee/Engadget

If you're in the US, you no longer have to buy the Razer Phone 2 online or visit a big-box store -- it could be available at a carrier shop around the corner. AT&T has announced that it will carry the gaming-oriented smartphone both online and at retail starting on November 16th. You'll have to visit a handful of stores in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle if you want to buy the device in-person on launch day, but it beats having to buy the device from the network sight unseen. And importantly, the carrier arrangement could soften the blow to your bank account.

In addition to the usual $800 up-front price, AT&T will sell the Razer Phone 2 on installments. You can pick up Razer's handset for $26.67 per month if you're willing to tie yourself to the carrier for 30 months, for instance. That's still not a trivial decision, but it makes the device considerably more accessible in the US. Until now, Razer's pricing and availability typically limited buyers to in-the-know gamers who wouldn't flinch at buying an $800 phone to match their laptop or mouse. This opens it up to people who can't justify that immediate outlay and might only be mildly curious about what Razer has to offer.

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