Hulu is turning George R.R. Martin's 'Wild Cards' into two new shows

'Wild Cards' is set in an alternate, post-apocalyptic US.

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Hulu is turning George R.R. Martin's 'Wild Cards' into two new shows

Hulu is working with George R. R. Martin to develop at least a couple of shows based on the sci-fi anthology Wild Cards, according to Variety. The stories in the series are set in an alternate post-World War II United States, wherein an airborne virus released over NYC in 1946 killed 90 percent of the infected. That virus altered the survivors' DNA, and it would manifest in different ways after a traumatic experience: some survivors developed deformities, while others developed super powers.

Hulu reportedly plans to open a writers room for two shows set in the universe, and Martin has already signed on to become an executive producer. Martin's co-editor Melinda Snodgrass will also be part of the production. The A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) author came up with the idea for the anthology from the time he spent as gamemaster for the RPG Superworld. Over 40 authors have been involved with the anthology since its first book was published in 1987, and it's still going strong.

While Martin's involvement in Hulu's adaptation might make Wild Cards fans happy, we'll bet some of those waiting for ASoIaF's next installment are hoping that it doesn't eat up too much of his time. Variety didn't say when the shows will debut, but seeing as Hulu has yet to confirm their existence, you'll likely have to wait until some time next year.

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