'Rainbow Six: Siege' ends year 3 with a new Morocco map

There are two extra characters to match.

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Ubisoft is winding down the third year of Rainbow Six: Siege with another big update that might take players out of their comfort zones. The developer's upcoming Operation Wind Bastion will add a free new Morocco map, Fortress, and two Moroccan characters that throw a curve into familiar gameplay. Nomad has proximity-based air-blast grenades that can knock down a stubborn defender. Kaïd, meanwhile, can electrify metal defenses like barbed wire and reinforcing walls. If there's a must-hold room, Kaïd can make it very hard to breach.

Both characters have direct counters, Ubisoft said -- you will, however, have to adapt your gameplay style to fend them off.

Wind Bastion will be available on the Windows-only Siege test server on November 19th. When it's ready for public consumption, you'll need a Year 3 Pass to get first crack -- everyone else will get their turn a week later. While it's not the most dramatic update, it's a significant ending for a milestone year.

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