You can sign into your Microsoft account without a password

Security keys and Windows Hello are now options.

Now that the Windows 10 October update (aka 1809) is back, Microsoft is taking advantage of it to continue its fight against passwords. You now have the option of signing into your personal Microsoft account using the Edge browser and either Windows Hello or a FIDO2-based security device like Yubico's YubiKey 5. You won't have to remember your password every time you want to check mail in Outlook or buy a game for your Xbox.

In both cases, Microsoft stresses that the system won't easily fall prone to phishing attacks or malware, since it requires an indication that you were present and used a "local gesture" (such as a face scan or PIN code) to login.

This won't work beyond personal accounts for a while. Microsoft plans to preview the feature for both educational and work accounts in early 2019, when organizations can grant permission to set up individual security keys. There's no explicit promise of support outside of Edge and Windows, but Microsoft said FIDO2's password-free lifestyle would "hopefully" be available elsewhere in the future.