8BitDo adapter adds wireless controller support to PlayStation Classic

8BitDo's USB peripheral promises lag-free connections.

The PlayStation Classic, Sony's retro console that includes 20 PS1 games, arrived last week, and for those of us who prefer to play a little further away from the TV than wired controllers allow, a solution is on the way. Later this month, 8BitDo is releasing a USB adapter that lets you use its own wireless controllers with the console, along with Sony's DualShock 3 and 4, Bluetooth Xbox controllers, Switch Pro, Wii U Pro and even Joy-Cons.

The adapter will provide lag-free connections between your controller and the console, according to 8BitDo, which should prove useful for your Tekken 3 fights and Ridge Racer Type 4 races. Pre-orders are now open for the $20 adapter, which starts shipping December 31st.