Tesla puts more cars on sale to maximize $7,500 EV tax credit

You could still get the full discount even if you buy at the last minute.

Tesla really, really wants to be sure buyers can make the most of the full $7,500 EV tax credit before it's cut in half for the company in 2019. Elon Musk has announced that the automaker is now selling "all" cars where the original customer can't take delivery before the end of 2018. If you're quick on the draw, you could get the full credit even if you're placing an order for the first time.

It isn't unheard of for Tesla to put more cars on sale when it wants to goose its delivery numbers, especially toward the end of the year. However, this might be more important than usual. This is Tesla's last, best chance to wring the most out of the full tax credit. Sales won't necessarily drop once the credit shrinks, but the company likely doesn't want to lose would-be buyers who might shy away when there's a smaller discount.