YouTube 4K support arrives on Comcast X1 boxes

Because who doesn't want to watch 4K nature videos all day long?

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Kris Holt
December 17, 2018 11:05 PM
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If you have a compatible Comcast Xfinity X1 setup, you might be pleased to learn you can watch YouTube videos in 4K resolution through your cable box starting today. Netflix and (as of this month) Amazon Prime Video were already available on X1 in 4K, so it's nice to see support for ultra high-resolution on YouTube, which has a large library of 4K videos.

Comcast says "YouTube" is among the most-used voice commands since the streaming service arrived on X1 last year. Using the voice remote, you can say "4K videos on YouTube" to see a selection of material that's available in the format.

Of course, Comcast is playing catch up as plenty of other devices offer 4K support for YouTube. Still, this is a welcome move, and should allow more people to watch nature videos, trailers and even awards shows on YouTube in sharp detail.

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