Razer unveils the first keyboard and mouse combo for Xbox One

The Turret for Xbox One can cost almost as much as the Xbox itself.

Razer has finally shown off the first wireless keyboard-and-mouse combo for the Xbox One, and... it's exactly what you'd expect. The company has unveiled an Xbox One version of its Turret bundle that mates a mechanical, RGB-lit keyboard with a seven-button, 16,000DPI mouse that sits on a retractable pad inside its fellow peripheral. You can play games like Fortnite or Warframe much as you would on a home theater PC, including (for some titles) Chroma and Xbox Dynamic Lighting effects.

You can use the Turret combo with a Windows 10 PC, for that matter, so it's possible to cart your keyboard and mouse from the den to the living room. A single USB dongle should save you some hassle.

There's one main issue: the price. The Turret for Xbox One ships in the first quarter of 2019 for $250, or nearly as much as an Xbox One S normally costs as of this writing. This is for console gamers who are determined to have a PC-like gaming experience on the couch and are willing to bet that enough games will have native input support to justify the outlay.