Netflix teases 'Black Mirror' movie release

'Bandersnatch' might be the film-length episode fans have wanted.

The fifth season of Black Mirror is likely far off, but you're going to get something to tide you over quite soon. Weeks after Netflix posted (and promptly deleted) a mention of a Black Mirror movie, the service has listed a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie. The entry has precious few clues as to what's involved, although the odd 5-hour, 12-minute running time (assuming it's accurate) has led some to suspect that this is the rumored choose-your-own-adventure show. There may be some clues to the setting, too.

Twitter user Jeeves Williams noted that Netflix appeared to be filming a scene set in the UK circa 1984, the same year ads began for a ZX Spectrum game named (what else?) Bandersnatch. There's no certainty that the Netflix movie has any relation to the game, but it seems like perfect fodder for Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker. The developer, Imagine, hyped up Bandersnatch as a "megagame" only to go bust before its release. Key members went on to found legendary game studio Psygnosis, so there was a silver lining to that story -- not that we'd expect one for a Black Mirror movie.

The deleted Netflix schedule had the Bandersnatch movie arriving on December 28th. Assuming things haven't changed, that's consistent with Netflix's recent strategy for the show. It premiered season four on December 29th last year -- a release a year later would be appropriate.