Google adds challenges to Fit just in time for New Year's resolutions

You can join the 30-day event and earn points for staying active.

It's almost January 1st and you are once again promising yourself that this will be the year you finally get into shape. This time around, Google is looking to help with new challenges in the recently redesigned Google Fit app. The 30-day long events task you with earning points by staying active and will keep you moving enough to meet your New Year's resolution.

Google's challenges take place in the Google Fit app, which is available for Android and Wear OS-powered smartwatches. Once the calendar flips to 2019, you'll be able to join the first month-long challenge that will reward you points when you complete certain activities logged by the Google Fit app. It'll automatically detect walks, runs and bike rides. You can manually record other specific activities, or sync it with an app like Pokémon Go to track your activity while you play.

Google hands out one point per minute for moderate activities like brisk walks and double the points for more intense ones like running or kickboxing. The baseline goal for Fit is 150 points per week, which is enough activity to meet the recommendations of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for physical activity.

Google is also working with 36 influencers from nine different countries who will provide inspiration to get you going. Google didn't make mention of whether you'll be able to compete with others, though it looks like the Fit challenges are more about motivating yourself rather than taking on your friends for the time being.