VW's mobile quick charging station is a juice pack for your EV

You could top up in the parking lot within 17 minutes.

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Volkswagen wants to ensure you'll always have enough range to drive an electric car home after a big game or concert. The company has offered a peek at a mobile station whose 360kWh charging capacity and 100kW DC quick charging can top up as many as 15 EVs (including, of course, VW's ID cars) with an average time of 17 minutes. Instead of having to find a dedicated station after an event, you could recharge in the parking lot -- think of it as a battery bank for your car instead of your phone. And if it runs low? The organizers just have to swap it out for a fresh one.

It can also serve as a permanent station when it's plugged into supplies up to 30kW. In those cases, it can be completely green and recharge through solar or wind power. It could also be helpful for taking some of the burden off the local electrical grid at peak hours.

You might not see the mobile charging station for a while. The first units could be up and running in VW's home town of Wolfsburg in the first half of 2019, but only as part of a pilot project. You'll see the stations in "other cities and communities" in 2020. Even so, it could be crucial to filling the gaps in charging infrastructure as EVs hit the mainstream. You wouldn't have to plan stadium visits around your car's battery levels.

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