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Libratone brings adjustable noise cancellation to wireless earbuds

The Q Adapt In-Ear models could be well suited to runners.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
01.09.18 in AV

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Libratone's adjustable noise cancellation has been available for a while if you've been willing to plug in or wear over-ear cups, but what if you prefer wireless earbuds for your fitness sessions? You're set from now on. The Danish outfit has introduced Track+ Wireless In-Ear Earphones, which let you dial out external sounds while remaining relatively discreet. As with Libratone's earlier models, you have four levels of cancellation that dictate how much outside sound gets in: You can let in a lot of it if you're running outside, or shut it out entirely if you're commuting on a noisy subway car. You can also use the microphones to amplify external sound if you want to hold a conversation or listen for worrying noises without removing your buds.

The Track+ is water- and sweat-resistant and comes with a range of ear tips that include sport-oriented models. It won't be cheap, though -- it'll sell for $199/£169 when it arrives in early 2018. With that in mind, Libratone's latest offering might be worth considering if you don't want to completely give up noise cancellation just to be sure you can hear oncoming traffic.

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