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Facebook's Messenger Kids app arrives on Amazon Fire tablets

No phone number needed for parent-approved chatting.
Rob LeFebvre/Engadget

Facebook launched a Messenger app just for kids this past December, but it was only available on iOS. Now the app is available on Amazon's app store for Fire tablets as well. While it might not help counter the current worries over connected gadget addiction, the app has some built-in features to help limit kids exposure to undesirable content and people.

The app has parental controls that limit video calls and messages to approved family and friends. Kids can engage in group or one-on-one video calls, adding age-appropriate GIFs, frames, emojis, interactive masks, Facebook reactions and sound effects to their chats. Adults can chat with kids via the adult version of Messenger, too, so there's no need for a separate app if you're a grandparent or parent. The app works via WiFi so there's no phone number needed for kids to use the app.

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