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Amazon’s Echo Spot bedside speaker clock comes to the UK

It'll cost £120 for one, or £200 for two.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
01.16.18 in AV

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Last year was a big year for Alexa. First, Amazon released updated versions of its popular Echo speakers and then brought its smart assistant to screens with the launch of the Echo Show and the Echo Spot. However, like many Amazon products, they often take their time to travel across the Atlantic. The Echo Show took around five months to launch in the UK and we've been waiting since September for its smaller sibling to make its debut. Today, Amazon announced that its smart alarm clock will cost £120 and is now available to pre-order.

Actually, calling the Echo Spot a smart alarm clock is doing it a disservice. It is essentially a smaller Echo Show that can be placed beside your bed or in other accessible parts of your house. It plugs into Alexa, connects to your smart home, handles video calls and displays up-to-the-minute updates via its circular 2.5-inch display. Due to its lack of size and reduced output, it's also a lot cheaper than the Echo Show, which will set you back £200.

To incentivise pre-orders, Amazon UK is offering an Echo Spot two-pack for £200, a saving of £40. The company says that orders will begin shipping from January 24th.

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