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YouTube invests $5 million in 'positive' video following backlash

The company is putting more money behind its Creators for Change project.
Sarah Bardsley/Google

YouTube has faced some serious backlash against awful content, lately, from exploitative childrens' videos to Logan Paul's ill-advised video of a corpse. YouTube needs to up its positivity, and it may be doing so with a $5 million additional investment in its socially-aware Creators for Change program, which premiered at the Tribeca TV festival last year.

YouTube notes that people around the world spent hundreds of thousands of hours watching Creators for Change videos tens of millions of times. The company says that it's taught more than 15,000 young people in over 200 locations with workshops and school programs. Students surveyed in Germany and the UK, said Google, were able to feel more confident in identifying and countering hate speech, for example.

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