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'Alto's Odyssey' reaches your phone on February 22nd

The long-in-development mobile game finally has a release date.

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Built by Snowman

Built by Snowman's Alto's Odyssey has been public knowledge for more than a year (and was subject to a last-minute delay in late summer), but it's finally here... almost. The Alto's Adventure sequel is now slated to launch on iOS and Apple TV devices February 22nd with a not-too-unreasonable $5 price tag. As before, Odyssey takes the endless boarding concept to a desert landscape that throws fresh challenges into the mix. You'll have to contend with natural hazards (including lemurs) and take advantage of hot air balloons, shifting grind rails and wall rides in order to keep moving.

On top of the usual competitive mode, you'll get staples like the no-pressure Zen Mode and a Photo Mode to record the journey.

There's no mention of an Android release date yet, although that's not completely surprising when it took roughly a year for Alto's Adventure to reach Google-powered devices. This is very much an evolution of the formula that made Adventure a mainstay of mobile gaming. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing -- the first game combined solid endless runner gameplay with an intriguing sense of style, and this promises to be more ambitious with a more varied landscape and more complex (though still easy-to-grasp) mechanics.

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