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Google faces lawsuit for firing critic of anti-diversity memo

An engineer claims he was ousted for calling last year's memo misogynistic.

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georgeclerk via Getty Images

Google fired James Damore last year, in part, because of a leaked memo alleging that the company culture unfairly targeted white males and political conservatives. Now Google is being sued by a former employee who claims he was targeted for speaking out against Damore on internal message boards, according to The Guardian. Tim Chevalier, a site reliability engineer who identifies as queer, transgender and disabled filed a lawsuit saying, in part, that he was ousted for "calling out discrimination and harassment for what it was."

"It is a cruel irony that Google attempted to justify firing me by claiming that my social networking posts showed bias against my harassers," Chevalier said via a prepared statement. His suit claims that he was singled out for frittering away too much of his day on social activism and for referring to Damore's memo as misogynistic, among other reasons.

For its part, Google said that "lively debate" was an important pillar of company culture, and that the "overwhelming majority" of employees adhere to its communications guidelines. "But when an employee does not, it is something we must take seriously. We always make our decisions without any regard to the employee's political views."

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