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Some of the best Batman games are coming to EA's Origin Access on PC

It's part of Warner Bros. Interactive joining the service.

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Timothy J. Seppala / Engadget

Homegrown games on EA's Origin Access service are getting some company. Starting today, your subscription will also include, erm, access to titles from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment including a trio of the Batman: Arkham games. Unfortunately we can't trade Arkham: Origins for Arkham Knight (above), but that's just how things work out at the moment.

The Lego Batman games are on offer today as well, and soon Bulletstorm - Lite, The Witness and Wasteland 2 will be added. You'll notice that WBIE's big game from last fall, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is absent here, but EA's new Out of the Park Baseball '19 management sim is here. They're basically the same thing, right?

There's a seven day trial if you want to preview everything currently available. Just remember -- this is different from the Xbox One's EA Access, and only covers PC games.

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