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Amazon Cloud Cam now streams security footage to your browser

You also get two-way audio on the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

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Amazon's Cloud Cam just became decidedly more useful, especially for those moments when you can't pull out your phone. You can watch your live view from your computer through a web portal -- handy if you're at work and want to check on your pet. Web interfaces certainly aren't new to home security cameras, so this was arguably an overdue addition.

There are some updates that give Amazon an edge, though. For one, two-way audio is now available through the Echo Show and Echo Spot -- you can talk to a family member (or, perish the thought, a burglar) from whatever's convenient. And whichever Echo you have, you can both turn on the Cloud Cam through Alexa as well as receive detection alerts. These might not convince you to buy a Cloud Cam if you weren't already intrigued by the concept, but they make a better case for the device if you live in an Amazon-centric household.

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