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Audi Sport's e-tron GT will be based on Porsche's Mission E

Audi also revealed that the e-tron Quattro crossover will cost $100,000.

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Audi's performance Sport division announced that will introduce a four-door high-performance EV as part of Audi and VW's grand electrification plans. The E-Tron GT will be based on the Porsche Mission E platform and built alongside the E-Tron Quattro crossover we saw recently at the Geneva Motor Show. "We will lead our high-performance brand Audi Sport into the electric future with models like this," said Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler. "It proves that electric drive can also deliver high performance."

Speaking of the e-tron Quattro (below), Audi revealed that it will be priced at 80,000 euros or about $100,000. So far, we've seen it only in a disguised form, but we'll get a much better look when the automaker releases more details in August. It might hit the market fairly soon as a 2019 model, and so far we know that it will be built using a carbon-neutral fabrication process and accept a 150kW fast charge.

As Road & Track points out, Audi has been working on a three-motor system to allow for advanced torque vectoring, but Porsche has already said that the Mission E will use just one motor per axle. That means that while Audi Sport's e-tron GT might share the Mission E platform, it could use different drivetrain components. Once it arrives, the GT will be Audi's e-tron flagship car.

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