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Here are the biggest announcements from Apple's education event

The new iPad was only the beginning.

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That Apple would choose a massive high school in the Midwest to host a press conference was peculiar enough. Then Apple went and crafted class schedules for everyone and set up a room where people could try on Romeo and Juliet costumes, across from another room where drones were zipping around and virtual frogs were being dissected. We knew today's press event wasn't going to be business as usual, but we had no idea just how delightfully strange Apple wanted everything to be.

Just as Apple packed demos into a handful of rooms at Lane Tech, it also squeezed a load of notable announcements into an hour-long press conference. In case you were busy this morning, join me for a quick — and I mean quick — recap of Apple's biggest announcements from here in frigid Chicago.

Catch up on all of the news from Apple's education event right here!

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