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Pinterest's new tab will only show pins from people you follow

And in the order they're posted.

Pinterest's home page is mostly about discovering pins relevant to your interests, with all its recommendations from various users on the platform. Well, Pinterest must have realized that some might prefer to see pins from specific users, so the virtual corkboard has launched a new tab that only shows pins from people you follow. Also, it shows pins in the order those users save them.

The new "Following" section has a plus (+) icon on top that shows who's on your list, so you can remove them if their pins don't seem relevant anymore. You can quickly replace the people you unfollow, though, because it also recommends users you can add based on your interests.

This new feature sounds especially useful if you couldn't be bothered to organize your boards -- the website recently rolled out a collection of useful organizational tools -- but can't bear to see all the clutter. You'll start seeing it today, no matter what device you're using, since it's rolling out on Android, iOS and the web.

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