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The Morning After: Huawei made a great smartphone camera

The P20 Pro's camera may be better than the Pixel 2.

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Monday has landed. Over the last couple of days, we discovered a new contender king of smartphone photography, Tesla fixed one of our biggest issues with the Model 3, and European Netflix users got to stream from every corner of the EU without issue.

That and other new functions should help keep drivers' eyes on the road
Tesla puts Model 3 Autopilot controls on the steering wheel

Tesla has rectified one of the biggest Model 3 issues that cropped up during our review. Until now, operating key vehicle functions like the Autopilot required tapping on the center display, effectively pulling the driver's eyes off the road. With a new update, however, drivers can adjust the Autopilot's cruise speed and follow distance on the steering wheel scroll buttons.

Some of its top features are hidden away, but the results speak for themselves.
Huawei's P20 Pro rivals the best smartphone cameras out there

Huawei's P20 Pro comes with an endless torrent of imaging specifications -- the company's dubbing its Leica Triple Camera system "the most advanced camera on a phone yet." We've seen the likes of 40-megapixel camera sensors before, in the heady days of Windows Phone and Nokia. However, this time it's different.

Away from briefing rooms and technical demos (spending a day shooting around a rain-soaked Paris), the P20 Pro started to win UK Bureau Chief Mat Smith over. If you like the idea of an accomplished 5x zoom function, and the potential for gorgeous nighttime photography, you have to consider Huawei's latest phone.

The EU's digital media portability rules have taken effect.
European travelers can now watch Netflix like they're at home

If you live in the European Union, your (Europe-based) holidays just became a little more enjoyable. The EU's long-promised digital media portability rules have taken effect as of April 1st, letting residents access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other paid digital media services in other member countries as if they were still at home. You shouldn't have to worry about region blocks or browsing libraries in an unfamiliar language, either.

It wants machines that can explore many corners of the Solar System.
NASA's latest tech investments include shapeshifters and biobots

NASA has invested in 25 "early-stage" tech proposals that could improve both human and robotic exploration, and some of them are particularly inventive. The Shapeshifter concept envisions a horde of robots that combine into different forms to explore virtually every surface on Saturn's moon Titan. It's like a bunch of tiny Transformers.

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