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Vizio adds Dolby Atmos to its latest home theater speakers

Vertical surround sound may be more affordable.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
04.10.18 in AV

Vizio didn't just unveil bright HDR TVs as part of its spring announcements. The electronics giant has launched a trio of home theater systems that bring Dolby Atmos audio to the lineup. The 36-inch 5.1.2, 46-inch 3.1.2 and 46-inch 5.1.4 systems all pack the requisite upward-firing speakers to add a vertical dimension to your movies. Of course, Chromecast support and Bluetooth remain built-in. Vizio hasn't outlined pricing yet, but expects all three Atmos systems to arrive in the summer.

If you don't care for Atmos, there's another system in the mix. A new 36-inch 2.1 soundbar packs dual subwoofers, theoretically offering the kind of punch that would normally require a dedicated bass box. There's no mention of smart connectivity beyond Bluetooth, but you probably won't complain when you see the price: Vizio is listing the soundbar at $120 ahead of its late spring launch date.

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