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Vimeo's Mac app simplifies uploads from Final Cut Pro

Upload multiple files at once, and in ProRes format.

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mistersunday via Getty Images

Vimeo hopes its desktop Mac app will further win over pro users. Specifically, those who rely on Final Cut Pro for their editing, thanks to deeper integration with the filmmaking suite. You can export in the ProRes format and upload multiple files directly to Vimeo simultaneously, as well as 4K Ultra HD with HDR, for starters. The desktop app also makes managing your videos, their metadata and doing things like grabbing embed codes easier as well.

The video platform has been staking a claim for the creator community, tabling a Netflix-style service in favor of livestreaming and sharing features. This desktop app is another move toward providing professionals with tools that take the friction (and potential distractions) out of uploading their work to the web.

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