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'Kingdom Hearts III' will feature retro games within the game

If you want to take a break from the main quest, you can play as Sora in the black-and-white games.
Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts' long-awaited sequel comes with a surprise for anyone fond of those old LCD games from the '80s. At the first official Kingdom Hearts Union χ convention, Square Enix has premiered a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer showing retro style games within the game based on classic Disney cartoons and 1980's handheld consoles. You can start spending your time playing black-and-white virtual handhelds instead of the actual game once Sora gets the machine in Twilight Town. And, yes, you control a small black-and-white Sora!

According to KH Insider, which got the chance to play some of the demo, you'll have over 20 titles to choose from within KH3. The classic Mickey cartoon-inspired ones include Giantland (wherein you'll have to evade a giant throwing a fit), Musical Farmer (wherein you'll have to catch eggs dropped into tubes) and Barnyard Battle (wherein you'll have to whack enemies while standing on an anvil).

You can watch all those (and more) in action below:

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