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Hulu adds Cheddar's online-only TV channels to its roster

Both live and on-demand news will be available later in April.

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You might not necessarily be familiar with Cheddar's mix of business and tech news, but it's quickly becoming hard to miss if you're a cord cutter. Hulu is joining YouTube TV by offering Cheddar's live channel and on-demand shows through its subscription services later in April. You'll need the $40 per month Hulu with Live TV package to check out the as-it-happens broadcasts, of course, but any Hulu subscriber will have access to pre-recorded news briefs, highlights and "select" originals.

It's no secret as to why Hulu might want to add Cheddar. It's one of the few news outlets that's relatively popular among young adults (15 percent of those aged 18-34 are aware of it, according to Market Strategies International), many of whom have either dropped conventional TV or never subscribed in the first place. As with YouTube, this gives Hulu a news channel for customers who don't really care for what traditional broadcasters have to offer, even when it's streaming online.

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