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The Morning After: Russia's floating nuclear plant, what to expect from Facebook

Just another Tuesday morning.

Hey, good morning!

Welcome to Tuesday! Facebook's big annual developer conference kicks off today, and the company will have plenty to cover. Russia launched its own floating nuclear plant, erotic fitness class livestreams are a thing and we bid farewell to two of our sister sites.

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Twin reactors will power an oil industry town, desalination plant and drilling rigs.
Russia launches a floating nuclear power plant on the Baltic Sea

Russia has launched its very own floating nuclear power plant, the 70-megawatt Akademik Lomonosov, on the Baltic Sea. Starting from St Petersburg, it will be towed around Norway to a Russian town called Murmansk to take on nuclear fuel. From there, it will head to the Arctic to power the oil-industry town of Pevek, along with a desalination plant and drilling rigs. While it's not the first floating nuclear plant -- the US used one from 1968 to 1975 -- it will be the first one in almost 40 years.

Privacy belongs at the top of the agenda.
What to expect at Facebook's F8 conference this week

Starting today, Facebook will hold its ninth developer conference, and this time, the mood is a little... different. After all the scandals and controversy over how Facebook handles data privacy, everyone is paying a great deal of attention to what the social network plans to do, going forward (Oculus Go pre-orders and expanded downvote tests are already live). Nicole Lee lays it all out.

No prizes for guessing what they'll use to motivate you.
CamSoda starts livestreaming erotic fitness classes

CamSoda, a webcam platform for watching... people... is launching a new service. Camsoda Fit will offer hour-long, live fitness classes. With a twist, of course. The trainers featured are also webcam performers.

The roster of instructors includes Fitprincess and Kelsi Monroe, who have experience (and credentials) in health and fitness outside their CamSoda careers. These trainers will host three classes a week, covering yoga, bodyweight and HIIT entirely free of charge. If you enjoy those and want a more intimate class with the trainer of your choice, you can pony up for a one-to-one session afterward.

Also new: hats for horses.
'Stardew Valley' finally lets you farm with your friends

The long-awaited multiplayer beta has finally arrived for Stardew Valley, coming first to PC players on Steam. There's no word on when console players will get their crack at co-op farming, where you can invite up to three friends to serve as underlings with their own inventory, skill level and relationships with NPCs.

4K HDR at 60FPS seems a bit overkill for playing 'Asteroids'.
Atari VCS pre-orders start May 30th, but it won't ship until 2019

Almost a year since it was announced, the Atari VCS will go up for preorder on May 30th via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Atari will be offering two versions of the gaming system: a time-limited Collector's Edition featuring the faux wood-front panelling and the $200 Onyx Edition, which is just black. Boring.

Oddly, it doesn't appear that either of these options will include a controller, but other bundles will apparently include the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller.

The end of an era.
A fond farewell to our sister sites in Germany and Spain

Yesterday, Engadget closed its dedicated sites in Germany and Spain. As our global family gets a little smaller, we'd like to say goodbye and thank you to the dedicated teams at both sites. Our sites in Japan, China and the UK will carry the mantle forward.

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