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Samsung Pay offers cash back on purchases from select retailers

For use on another Samsung Pay transaction, of course.
LLUIS GENE via Getty Images

Samsung announced a new Cash Back program for those making certain purchases through Samsung Pay. Within the Samsung Pay app's home screen, there's a new Cash Back section and tapping it will lead you to a list of offers from various retailers. Once you select an offer and make a purchase with that merchant, you'll get a percentage of your purchase price back. That money can then be used towards another purchase as long as it's done through Samsung Pay. "Our mobile wallet strategy is all about offering more choices for consumers and more opportunities for merchants," Samsung said in a statement. "Cash Back creates a new channel for merchants to reach and reward consumers who are looking for great deals."

Samsung launched support for PayPal in its mobile wallet earlier this month. And in its announcement today it said users will also soon be able to purchase Samsung Rewards points. The company says that option will become available later this month.

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