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'League of Legends' finals head to Oakland's Oracle Arena

The North American summer finals take place September 8th and 9th.
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The North American League of Legends Championship Series has a home for its summer finals... and you'll definitely recognize it. Riot Games has announced that the Summer Split finalists will play on September 8th and 9th at Oakland's Oracle Arena -- you know, the home of the Golden State Warriors. This isn't completely surprising when the Warriors are an affiliate of the league's Golden Guardians team, but it's still rare for regional eSports competitions to get such a prominent venue.

Ticket details will come sometime after the Summer Split gets underway. Whoever wins in Oracle Arena will go on to represent North America at the World Championship sometime in the fall.

There's no guarantee these sorts of venue choices will continue with the rise of dedicated locations. However, the stadium choice is as good an indication as any that eSports in the US have a large audience even outside of international events.

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