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Image credit: Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Google's Clips camera can be shared with your whole family

The AI cam isn't just a one-person gadget anymore.

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Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Until now, Google's Clips camera has only been usable by one person. That's something of a problem for families -- what if your partner wants the AI-guided cam to capture a special moment when you're away? Google is about to fix that. It's rolling out an update this week that introduces family pairing, letting you pass the cam to another member of the household to view and share your creations.

Google is also improving the AI itself -- you know, the reason you bought Clips in the first place. It's now better at detecting dancing, hugs, jumps and kisses, so you'll have a better chance of capturing a priceless occasion without having to manually record it. The company accomplished the feat by giving the AI "bonuses" to its training quality score for recognizing these scenes. This might not convince you to buy a Clips cam if you didn't already have one, but it could easily help justify your purchase.

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