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eBay uses your interests to curate a personalized store

You won't have to wade through the marketplace yourself.

It's not very fun to shop through online marketplaces like eBay these days -- finding something that tickles your fancy may involve wading through whole categories, or hoping that your search term will find exactly what you're looking for. eBay's solution? Have the marketplace do most of the work for you. It's launching an Interests feature that creates a customized store based on tastes you pick through a simple questionnaire. If you're a hypebeast who likes yoga and the beach, you may find the latest shoes sitting alongside mats and swimwear.

The system uses a combination of algorithms (no, not AI) and eBay's massive data set to craft your personal store.

Interests is available right now through eBay's Android and iOS apps in the US, and should come to the web and other countries in the "coming months." In a sense, this is a counter to rivals like Amazon -- you may be less compelled to visit the competition if you can regularly something you'd like on eBay's home screen.

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