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Waze's traffic data is available in Ford Sync 3 cars

You'll still need an iPhone to get that crowdsourced info, however.

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You now have a simple way to put Waze on car's screen -- if you have the right phone and the right car. As promised back at CES, iPhone owners can now project the crowdsourced navigation app on the touchscreens of Ford's Sync 3-equipped cars. It won't be as sophisticated as the Android Auto implementation, but you can still use both touch and voice control for most tasks (you can't type in an address while the car is moving, for obvious reasons). You don't need to do much more to get started beyond plugging your iPhone into the car's USB port.

The big-screen support is available worldwide and requires that your phone run iOS 11.3 or newer. This won't make a huge difference if you're content to use Apple Maps through CarPlay, but it could be intensely valuable if you prefer Waze's Google-sourced maps and dynamic traffic info.

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