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We're live from E3 2018 in Los Angeles!

There will be games. Lots of games.
Billy Steele
06.09.18 in AV

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NurPhoto via Getty Images

The calendar has flipped to June, which only means one thing: We're back in LA. It also means that you can keep it locked here this week for all the news from E3 2018 as it happens. While Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda and others all have events planned before the show floor opens on Tuesday, the festivities kick off today with with EA at 2PM ET/11AM PT. We'll be bringing you all the gaming news and analysis starting this afternoon through the end of the week in what's sure to be a jam-packed installment of the summer gaming soirée. In the meantime, prepare yourself with a look at our in-depth preview right here.

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