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PSVR's 'Ghost Giant' turns the world into your sandbox

It's a clever use of VR to give you a new perspective.

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VR is great at providing new perspectives for seemingly familiar experiences, and PlayStation VR's latest game is a textbook example of that. Zoink Games (the creators of the beautiful and inventive Fe) has unveiled Ghost Giant, which uses VR to turn you into an all-powerful companion for the lonely boy Louis as he embarks on a grand journey. Effectively, the world becomes your sandbox: you can open buildings, uproot trees and move vehicles with your ethereal hands. From what we've seen in the trailer, it's a refreshing spin on third-person gaming where you're consciously aware of how you loom over the landscape.

There should be a strong narrative, too. The studio is working with novelist Sara Bergmark Elfgren to produce the story. The very theme also suggests this won't be your typical video game adventure. While your physical intervention is clearly important to the story, Zoink stresses that it's as much about being a "supporting friend" for a child in need -- you're helping Louis grow as a person, not just helping him make it from point A to B.

There's no mention of a release date at this point, but Ghost Giant will be a PSVR exclusive when it does arrive.

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