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Instagram starts selling products in your Stories

Sales pitches now come at you in vertical video.

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Instagram is bent on making shopping a cornerstone of its experience... and like it or not, Stories are no exception to that rule. The social service has introduced a shopping bag sticker that lets you see (and ideally, buy) products from "select" brands, including Adidas, when watching Stories. Tap one and you'll get a brief description of what's on offer as well as a link to the site if you're enamored.

The addition could be irksome if your favorite social media star uses this as an excuse to start hawking products in Stories. And you know this could spark a flood of Stories from companies that were previously content to advertise with photos. At the same time, this could be helpful if you already take a liking to a brand. If you're a hypebeast, for instance, you've probably followed your favorite shoe brands on Instagram for a while -- why not see that footwear in videos before you buy?

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