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'Sable' is the best the apocalypse has looked all E3

The indie game has a gorgeous Mœbius-esque style.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
06.12.18 in AV

Every E3, new games pop up that aspire for a unique art style to distinguish them from the sea of other titles clamoring for attention. There are a lot of pretty games this year, but nothing has looked like Sable. The indie title from Shedworks is a "coming-of-age adventure and exploration game," according to a tweet by publisher Raw Fury, but it's the distinctive thin-lineart-and-pastel colors that will stay with you from its E3 trailer. That and the cheerful, indie pop background track by the band Japanese Breakfast, who does the whole soundtrack.

There's a lot to love in this first look, especially for an industry still peeling itself away from overindulging in 8- and 16-bit graphics. The graphical style is a particular cell-shading imitating thin-lined French and Belgian comics, and it's hard not to see Mœbius' influence in both the art and rugged tech and ruin-filled wastelands. We don't see much from the trailer -- and it's stylish enough that it's unclear whether we're watching a mocked-up cinematic or actual gameplay -- but the looming scope and scale give it a very Nausicaa vibe. Sable comes out in 2019, though it's uncertain which platforms it will grace.

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