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Facebook blocks gun accessory ads to the under 18s

From July 21st, advertisements for scopes, flashlights and holsters will be age-restricted.

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Shutterstock / Robert Aubin

Facebook has tightened the rules about what sort of firearms-related content is visible by the site's underage users. From June 21st, ads for weapon accessories, from optics, flashlights and holsters through to bulletproof vests and camouflage gear, will need to be visible by adults-only. This category also includes gun safes, mounts, gun cases, slings, gun wraps and equipment like clay throwers.

Since 2016, the site has banned personal gun sales, and has worked hard to crack down on private gun sales on both Facebook and Instagram. Other sites have recently begun attempting to tackle the issue on their own platforms in the wake of numerous high-profile mass shootings in the US. Reddit implemented a gun ban earlier this year, as has YouTube — which also blocked videos showing how to upgrade firearms.

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