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Google makes it easier to manage your account on Android

Surprise: privacy is the main focus.

For all the features Google has revamped in recent years, it hasn't done much to change your account controls. That's a bit overdue when privacy is much more of a priority, don't you think? Google agrees. It's launching a reworked Google Account interface for Android that makes it easier to both navigate your settings and review your data. There's considerably clearer organization with more prominent categories (say, payment methods) as well as faster access to your activity data and privacy settings review. It'll also provide "prominent" alerts if Google believes there are areas where you can improve, such as removing your account from an old phone.

Crucially, you now don't have to guess at where you need to go to find a specific setting. There's a new search feature that can point you in the right direction. Look for "password" and you'll see both where to change your password as well as the way to manage your saved passwords. This isn't a completely novel feature, but it could be helpful if you're looking for an obscure option.

Every Android user can check out the new Google Account today. Web and iOS users will have to wait until sometime "later this year." You may not need to use this very often, but Google is no doubt hoping that this will make for a smoother experience when you do use it -- and that's important when you're often making changes that could have a drastic impact on how you use multiple services.

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