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Jaden Smith's latest album is only available on Instagram

That's one way to get attention for your remixes.
Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

Whatever you think of Jaden Smith's music, you have to give him credit for finding new ways to capture listeners' attention. The budding rapper has debuted SYRE: The Electric Album, a reinterpretation of his album from last year, solely through Instagram -- as of this writing, you can't go to your favorite streaming music service to check it out. The format is a gimmick, of course, but it also lets the young star sell his work (his profile now looks like a giant SYRE ad) and find out how many plays he's getting with each track.

We wouldn't expect too many musicians to go this route, for obvious reasons -- Smith isn't making money on these plays. It does show how artists (especially young ones like Smith) are adapting to the Instagram era, however, and suggests that stars could make a habit of delivering minor, no-risk albums this way (such as alternate takes or mixtapes). If you're not expecting to make money on an album, why not make it freely available where your fans are most likely to see it?


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