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The Morning After: Wells Fargo's major computer error

And drones as weapons.

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This Monday morning, we're reporting on a major computer error at Wells Fargo that cost some people their homes, and drone attacks on Venezuela's president.

About 400 people faced foreclosure due to the glitch.
Wells Fargo says hundreds lost homes to computing 'error'

An SEC filing from Wells Fargo has revealed that a "calculation error" in its mortgage loan modification underwriting tool led to about 625 customers either being denied loan changes or not receiving offers when they would have qualified. Shockingly, roughly 400 of those customers eventually lost their homes to foreclosure.

Seven soldiers were reportedly hurt.
Venezuela says Maduro was target of attempted drone attack (updated)

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro may be the first major leader to have faced a drone-based assassination attempt. Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez claimed that at least one bomb-laden drone had exploded close to Maduro while he was giving a speech at a Caracas event on August 4th. The authoritarian leader was unhurt in the incident, but seven National Guard soldiers were reportedly injured.

Google's recent changes alienated many small-website developers.
Here attacks Google Maps with new freemium website plan

Developers tapping into Google Maps were recently thrown for a loop when the company announced new, more expensive pricing and demanded a credit card and Google Cloud account for all API access to Maps. To profit from this discord, Here has unveiled a new "freemium" plan that offers many more free "transactions" (page loads) than Google Maps, with no need to provide a credit card.

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