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Skype previews texting feature for PCs

The feature's only available to Insiders for now.

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Skype has given Insiders on Android a sneak peek of an upcoming feature called "SMS Connect." Windows Blog Italia has spotted an option in the latest version of Skype Preview's settings that would allow you to send and receive texts using Skype on Mac or Windows PC. Say, a friend texts you on your Android phone -- you can reply to that message straight from the Skype app on your computer. You can only see the feature right now if you're an Insider with Skype Preview on Android, but it looks like you still can't switch it on. Rest assured that the feature is real even if you can't see it: Skype Insider's Twitter account has confirmed that it's something the team is working on.

[Image credit: Windows Blog Italia]

According to Windows Central, an update for Skype Preview on desktop also comes with a change log that says "Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages. To get started, tap the button to install Skype on your Android phone." No word on whether SMS Connect will also be available for iOS. If you're a Windows Insider, you'll have the chance to test it in upcoming builds to ensure it's as bug-free as possible when it rolls out to everyone in the future.

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