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Evil Geniuses win 'record-setting' Call of Duty World League tourney

They took home $600,000 in the high-profile esports event.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.21.18 in AV

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Major League Gaming

If you needed evidence that Call of Duty is still a big deal in the esports realm, you just got it. Well-known team Evil Geniuses just took home $600,000 as the winners of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship, solidly taking down Team Kaliber in a variety of COD: WWII game modes. The win caps off a "record-setting" season where a hefty $4.2 million in prize money was up for grabs (the largest ever in the League), $1.5 million of it in the Championship alone.

The results are clearly welcome for both EG as well as MLG's owners at Activision, which gets a not-so-subtle plug for its marquee shooter. At the same time, the event illustrates just how rapidly esports has grown, particularly for COD. Several years ago, early esports players rarely made a living wage -- now, the very best players can swim in cash. There's still a lot of inconsistency (CWL doesn't have minimum salaries like you see with some leagues), but it's possible for some COD players to turn their skill into a viable career.

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